Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playlist for April 23, 2010

This week saw the annual occurrence of four "events": 4/20 (April 20), Earth Day (April 22), Shakespeare's death day and traditionally-agreed-upon birthday (April 23) and International Book Day (formerly a.k.a. Canada Book Day, also April 23). The first three of these events were commemorated on the show. The last was almost completely ignored, just as it was ignored across Canada...

"...even the leaves are wheezing..."

Ian King: How Should I Your True Love Know? - Panic Grass & Fever Few (Fledg'ling 2010) (lyrics from Hamlet)
Peter Tosh: Legalize It - Super Hits (Columbia 2001)
Slits: Earthbeat/Earthdub - Earthbeat 12" Single (Epic 1981)
Dry & Heavy: New Creation - From Creation (Beat Records 2002)
Dry & Heavy: More Creation - Dub Creation (Beat Records 2002)
Kazufumi Kodama: Gloria - Requiem Dub (Victor Entertainment 1999)
Gussie P All Rockers: Rice And Peas And Dub - from the blog Kingston JA: P.A. to Da Reggae
Temple Of Sound Feat Jean Jacques Burnel, Natacha Atlas, Prague Radio Orchestra: Dojo Kun (Jamais Laisser Tomber) - First Edition (Wagram 2002)
Deadbeat: Mecca - Eastward on to Mecca 12" (Wagon Repair 2008)
Earth & Stone: Sattamasagana - from Kingston JA: P.A. to da Reggae
Cedric "Im" Brooks & The Light Of Saba: Satta Massa Gana - From Mento To Reggae To Third World Music (17 North Parade 2008)
Dubmatix: War, Peace & Dub - Champion Sound Clash (Soul Stepper Sound 2004)
Black Seeds: Afrophone - Afrophone 7" single (Black Seeds 2010)
Black Seeds: Rotten Apple - Afrophone 7" single (Black Seeds 2010)
Mutant Hi Fi: 50 Foot Mashup - Rare & Unreleased (On-U 2009)
Restless Mashaits: Dubby Road - Kingston Sessions 1992-2002 (Addis Record 2002)
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System: Binshaker Dub Plate -Dubplates Volume 2 (M Records 1999)
High Tone: Dubiously - Bass Temperature (Jarring Effects 2001)
Edric Connor: Nobody's Business -Songs From Jamaica (Past Classics 2008)
Count Owen & His Calypsonians: The Weed (Man Piabba) - Calypsos Down Jamaica Way (Dub Store Records 2005)
Adrian Sherwood: Nu Rizla - Becoming A Cliche (Real World 2006)
Dubblestandart: Tiny Place Called Earth - Immigration Dub (Collision 2007)
The Inventors: Food Of Love - Red Bumb Ball: Rare & Unreleased Rocksteady (Pressure Sounds 2003) (lyrics from Twelfth Night)

Next week: a reggae song about books! a special request for some great Big Youth! and the first instalment of our new feature: Where Dub Comes From. For our launch, we go to the heart of the nu-dub sound: Germany!!