Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Who is the man that makes roots rock reggae? King Tubby!" Playlist for Jan. 27, 2012

The Upsetters: Dub Organizer -- Dub-Triptych (Trojan 2004)
U-Roy: Flashing My Whip -- Trojan DJ Box Set (Trojan 1999)
Rupie Edwards & King Tubby: Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber  -- King Tubby's In Fine Style (Trojan 2004)
King Tubby: Shank I Dub -- ...At The Controls (Trojan 1999)
King Tubby's: Travellers Under Heavy Manners -- Black Black Minds (Pressure Sounds 2006)
King Tubby & Roots Radics: King Stereo Gav Dub -- Dangerous Dub (Greensleeves 1996)
Yabby You feat. Jah Walton: Zambia Dub -- Dub It To The Top 1976-1979 (Blood & Fire 2002)
Tappa Zukie: Jah Is I Guiding Star: If Deejay Was Your Trade: The Dreads At King Tubby's 1974-1977 (Blood & Fire 1994)
Techniques All Stars: Nothing Is Impossible Version -- King Tubby's In Fine Style (Trojan 2004)
King Tubby & The Aggrovators: Give A Little Man A Great Big Hand -- Shalom Dub (Jamaican Recordings 2010)
Trinity: Give An Helping Hand -- Bunny Lee Meets King Tubby & The Aggrovators (Culture Press 1970s)
Prince Jammy: Wreck Up A Version -- Dub Gone Crazy: The Evolution of Dub At King Tubby's 1975-1979 (Blood & Fire 1994)
The Aggrovators feat. U-Roy: King Tubby's Special --  King Tubby's Special 1973-1976 (Trojan 1989)
King Tubby & Soul Syndicate: Great Stone -- Freedom Sounds In Dub (Blood & Fire 1996)
King Tubby: Tubby Get Smart -- Dub Like Dirt 1975-1977 (Blood & Fire 1999)
Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby: Strings Dub In Rema -- In Dub Conference Vol. 1 (Moodisc 1994)
Anthony Red Rose: Tempo -- Firehouse Revolution (King Tubby's Productions In The Digital Era 1985-89) (Pressure Sounds 2001)
King Asha: Crank Angle Part 2 -- Firehouse Revolution (King Tubby's Productions In The Digital Era 1985-89) (Pressure Sounds 2001)
U-Roy: Linger You Linger -- Sounds & Pressure Vol. 6 (Pressure Sounds 2009)
The Upsetters: Washroom Skank -- King Tubby's In Fine Style (Trojan 2004)
Augustus Pablo: Brace's Tower Dub -- King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown (Clocktower 1976)
King Tubby & The Observers: Dub 68 -- Niney The Observer Presents King Tubby In Dub (Heartbeat 2003)
Glen Brown & King Tubby: Version 78 Style -- Termination Dub 1973-79 (Blood & Fire 1996)
I Roy: The Duke -- Original Deejay @ King Tubby's Studio (Attack 2007)
I Roy: Straight To Prince Jazzbo's Head -- Once Upon A Time At King Tubby's (Pressure Sounds 2009)
Prince Jazzbo: Straight To I Roy's Head -- Once Upon A Time At King Tubby's (Pressure Sounds 2009)
King Tubby: King Tubby The Dark Dub Ruler -- From The Palace Of Dub (Fuel 2000 Records 2001)
The Aggrovators: A Rougher Version  -- ...At The Controls (Trojan 1999)

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Friday, January 20, 2012

"Bargie is a thing that take plenty fire!" Playlist for Jan. 20, 2012

Prince Fatty & the Mutant Hi-Fi: Son Of A Thousand Fathers -- Return Of The Gringo (Original Soundtrack) (Mr. Bongo 2011)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Echo Beach -- Riding Strange Horses (Echo Beach 2010)
The Aggrolites: Enemy Dub -- Rugged Road (Stomp 2011)
Mungo's Hi-Fi: Everyman Different -- Forward Ever (Scotch Bonnet 2011)
Pablove Black: Mr. Music -- The Legendary Studio One Records (Soul Jazz 2011)
I & I Djangdan: Moonlight Gaze (Tai Gu Kyung) from MySpace
High Tone: Spacedunk -- Wave Digger (Jarring Effects 2005)
Squattin Mobile Studio: Walter's Sugar Cubes -- Dub Dimensions (Ajnavision 2011)
Future Pigeon: Confederate Dub -- Golden State Of Dub (Shipwrecords 2000)
Ghetto Priest: The Tree Of Liberty (recorded live March 2009)
Dubmatix feat. Tippa Irie: Happy & Deep Dark Dub (Subatomic Sound System She Brings Joy Remix) -- Clash Of The Titans: System Shakedown Remixes (Collision 2011)
Dub Trinity: Throwdown Dub --  Alexandria (& Other Cautionary Tales) (Ind. 2011)
King Tubby: Mercy Hornes -- David Rodigan's Dubwize Shower (Republic of Music 2011)
Blue Glaze Mento Band feat. Toots Hibbert: Great Jehovah -- We Will Wait (Bilmon 2011)
Hubert Porter with the Tower Islanders: Bargie -- Jamaica-Mento 1951-1958 (Frémeaux & Associés 2010)
Lenky: XM24 -- Diwali Riddim (Greensleeves 2002)
Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen: Tebwe Mikana - Path Of Truth -- One Nation (Balanced Records 2011)
Rudy Mills: Every Beat Of My Heart -- Trojan Reggae Brothers Box Set (Trojan 2003)
Mala: City Cycle -- Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space (Tectonic 2010)
Scientist vs. Mala: City Cycle Dub -- Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space (Tectonic 2010)
Peabody & Sherman: Ayayaya (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) -- All Your Bass Are Belong To Us (Super Bro 2011)
Etta James: The Pick-Up -- But Officer! Original Jamaican Sound System (EMI 2004)
Etta James: Dearest Darling -- Chessmoves: Future Blues (Classic Tracks Retrofitted by Keith Leblanc (Chess/Universal 2008)
New Age Steppers: The Fury Of Ari -- Love Forever (On-U Sound 2012)
King Midas Sound : Goodbye Girl (Deep Chord Presents Echospace Remix) -- Without You (Hyperdub 2011)
Public Image Ltd: No Birds -- Metal Box (Virgin 1979)

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Controlled by Remote: Playlist for Jan. 13, 2012

In Memoirs of a Geezer (Serpent's Tail 2009), Jah Wobble reveals that one of his favourite collaborations ever was the Nicky Skopelitis/Bill Laswell album Ekstasis, from which we heard a great bass & guitar track tonight.

New Age Steppers: Death Of The Trees -- Love Forever (On-U Sound 2012)
Gold Cobra: Friday The 13th Dub -- Rhygin Showcase (Rhygin 2011)
Zion Train: Share The Flame -- State Of Mind (Universal Egg 2011)
Luciano: Sweep Over My Soul -- The Best Of Luciano (Xterminator 2002)
Pinch & Shackleton: Torn & Submerged -- Pinch & Shackleton (Honest Jon's 2011)
Lee "Scratch" Perry: God Smiled (Moody Boyz Remix) -- Nu Sound & Version (On-U Sound 2011)
Roots Manuva: Banana Skank -- 4everevolution (Big Dada 2011)
Theo Beckford: Jack & Jill Shuffle -- You & Me Presents Jamaican Blues (Online Compilation from You & Me on a Jamboree!)
Jackie Mittoo: Juice Box -- The Keyboard King At Studio One (Universal Sound 2000)
Keith Leblanc: Einstein -- Stranger Than Fiction (Nettwerk 1989)
Nicky Skopelitis feat. Jah Wobble: Tarab -- Ekstasis (Axiom 1003)
Unitone Hi-Fi: Up To Eleven -- J-Star & Dr Cat Present Dub Zealand (Green Queen 2011)
Eek: A Mouse: Wa Do Dem -- Dancehall: The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture (Soul Jazz 2008)
Citizen Sound feat. Ammoye: Wa Do Dance (Wrong Tom Dancehall Remix) --Wa Do Dem Remixes (Balanced Records 2011)
Disrupt: Events Occur In Realtime (Jahtari 2011)
The Boom Booms: Paradise -- ¡Hot Rum! (Lit Fuse 2011)
Skream: Zoned -- Freeizm History (Free Download 2011)
Dubmatix: Dingdom Dub (Nate Wize Kingdom Of Bass Remix) -- Clash Of The Titans: System Shakedown Remixes (Collision 2011)
HIM: Creality -- Egg (Southern 1996)
Fat Freddys Drop: Midnight Marauders Pylonz & Kinetix Remix -- D&B Versions (The Drop 2006)

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The Irie Listener filled in at the mic & controls tonight. The Wake the Town Crew is mighty thankful!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Best of Best of 2011 (cont.): Playlist for Jan. 6, 2012

We continue our backward glance over the last year's output in reggae, dub and dubstep with a look at Steve Barker's picks for best of 2011 from the January 2012 issue of The Wire magazine. And of course we check in on this month's dub news.
It should be said, Barker has hepped us to a LOT of great music over the last year, and even more over the 11 and 1/2 years we've been doing this show. Thus, Wake The Town is troubled to hear that On The Wire, the radio show Barker hosts on BBC Lancashire, may come to an abrupt end due to budget cutbacks to local radio at the BBC. After 28 years?
Don't ground a flagship show!
Barker's show debuted many On-U Sound releases over the years, and of course dropped tons of the highest quality reggae and dub. He was also the first UK dj to play Detroit techno pioneers Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Some of Barker's remarkable dub specials are available for a download, click and listen!
(Photo via Boomkat.)

Jeb Loy Nichols: Moving Time -- Long Time Traveler (On-U Sound JP 2010)
Generation Rockers: Coast To Coast -- Rhygin Showcase (Rhygin 2011)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill feat. William S. Burroughs: The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes -- King Size Dub Chapter 15 (Echo Beach 2011)
Peikko & Lassi: Pula Dub (Groove) -- Pula Dub EP (Sahko 2011)
Dub News Selections:
Frente Cumbiero & Mad Professor: Chucusteady Dub -- Frente Cumbiero Meets Mad Professor (SalgaelSol 2010)
Gregory Isaacs: Bad Da -- The Ruler (1972-1990) (VP Records 2011)
Gregory Isaacs & Dennis Brown: Big All Around -- The Ruler (1972-1990) (VP Records 2011)
Little John & Billy Boyo: Brandy/Houseman Connection (Springhill 2011)
King Midas Sound feat. Green Gartside: Come & Behold -- Without You (Hyperdub 2011)*
Sugar Minott: Good Thing Going -- Hard Time Pressure (VP Records 2011)
Carl Moore: My Forefathers Died In The Sand/Strange Mood (Pressure Sounds 2011)
Muslimgauze: Untitled 1 -- Babylon Iz Iraq (Fathom 2011)*
Selections from Steve Barker's Dub Top Ten of 2011:
The Upsetters: Deep & Deadly -- The Return Of Sound System Scratch (Pressure Sounds 2011)
Lee "Scratch" Perry: Obeah Room (Digital Mystikz Remix) -- Nu Sound & Version (On-U Sound 2011)
Soom T & Disrupt: Puff The Police -- Ode To A Carrot (Jahtari 2011)
Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators: Dub Is Everything -- Dub Will Change Your Mind (King Spinna 2011)
RSD feat. Ricky Ranking: Dancehall Rock -- Go In A Good Way (Zettai-Mu JP 2011)
Phil Pratt: Dr. Bash -- Dial M For Murder in Dub Style (Pressure Sounds 2011)
African Head Charge: God Willing -- Voodoo Of The Godsent (On-U Sound 2011)
Deadbeat: Second Quarter -- Drawn & Quartered (BLKRTZ 2011)
Last Song, Not Part of the Barker List, But We Sure Like It:
Dubmatix feat. Brother Culture:Rough Likkle Sound (Marcus Visionary Jungle Remix) -- Clash of The Titans: System Shakedown Remixes (Collision 2011)

(*Also on Barker's top ten list: King Midas Sound's Without You & Muslimgauze's Babylon Iz Iraq)

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Gregory Isaacs, the "Cool Ruler", and Dennis Brown, the "Crown Prince of Reggae", were great friends, and never let their monarchical duties get in the way of a good collaboration: