Friday, April 27, 2012

Taste is a form of personal censorship: Playlist for April 27, 2012

From the liner notes to Mark Stewart's new album, The Politics of Envy 
(Future of Noise Music 2012).

Deadbeat: For Israel (Jaffa Revisited) -- Wild Life Documentaries (~scape 2002)
Lee Perry & the Upsetters: A Big Joke -- High Plains Drifter (Pressure Sounds 2012)
African Head Charge: Mysterious Happenings -- Voodoo Of The Godsent (On-U Sound 2011)
African Head Charge: This & That & The Other -- Voodoo Of The Godsent (On-U Sound 2011)
The Black Seeds: Gabriel's Strut Dub -- Dust & Dirt (Easy Star 2012)
Congo Natty: Soldier (Chanter) -- Tribute To Haile Selassie (Congo Natty 2000)
Garrison Hawk w/ Sly & Robbie: Reggae Music -- Survive (Mod Tech 2012)
Peter Tosh: No Sympathy (Demo) -- Legalize It (Columbia 2011)
Dr. Israel: Dread Inna Babylon -- Patterns Of War (ROIR 2005)
Dr. Israel: Occupation Dub -- Patterns Of War (ROIR 2005)
Public Image Ltd.: One Drop -- One Drop EP (PiL 2012)
Beastie Boys feat. Santigold: Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Capitol 2011)
Sister Carol: No Way Better Than Yard -- Black Cinderella (Heartbeat 1995)
Senior All Stars: T-Bird Skank -- Come Around (Skycap 2008)
Senior All Star: T-Bird Dub (Crazy Baldhead Dub) -- In Dub (Skycap 2011)
Mark Stewart feat. Lee Perry: Gang War: Politics Of Envy (Future Of Noise 2012)
Upsetters: Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 1) -- Blackboard Jungle Dub (Clocktower/Get On Down 2012)
Bassnectar: Ping Pong -- Vava Voom (Amorphous 2012)
Battles: Africastle (Kode9 Remix) -- Dross Glop (Warp 2012)
DJ Spooky vs. Twilight Circus: Phase Anansi -- Riddim Clash (Play Label 2004)
Citizen Sound ft. Ranking Joe: Give Thanks -- Aram Scaram (Renegade Media 2010)
Chin's Calypso Sextet: Rough Rider -- Boogu Yagga Gal (Heritage Music 2002)
Derrick Morgan: Rough Rider -- Augustus Pablo & Bredrins: 18 Massive Hits (Attack DL 2009)
The Bug feat. Spaceape: Fuckaz -- London Zoo (Ninja Tune 2008)

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

420 Special: Playlist for Apr. 20, 2012

Details from the back cover of U Roy's Dread In A Babylon 
(Virgin 1975)

Audio Active: Wanna-na -- We Are Audio Active (Tokyo Space Cowboys) (On-U Sound 1994)
Peter Tosh: Legalize It -- Super Hits (Sony 2001)
Bob Marley & The Wailers: Kaya -- African Herbsman (Trojan 1973)
The Upsetters: Kaya Skank -- Dub-Triptych (Trojan 2004) 
Frankie Paul: Pass the Tusheng Peng -- Tougher Than Tough: The Story of Jamaican Music (Island 1993) 
African Head Charge feat. Prince Far I: Take Heed... And Smoke Up Your Collie Weed -- Voodoo Of The Godsent (On-U Sound 2011)
Ishan People: No Ganja -- Roots (GRT 1976)
Cliff Stewart: Burn Collie -- Studio One Roots Vol. 3 (Soul Jazz 2007) 
The Dub Project: Smokey -- The Dub Project: A Twilight Production (M Records 2004) 
2 Bad Card: Weed Specialist (Audio Active Remix) -- 15 Years In An Open Boat (Virgin 1997)
Soom T & Disrupt: Puff the Police -- Ode to a Carrot (Jahtari 2011)
Friendlyness And The Human Rights: Ganjaman -- One Thing (Ind. 2010)
Ward 21: Ganja Smoke -- Rare Grooves Reggae By Nova Vol 1 (Wagram 2003)
Zomby feat. Billy Boyo: Spliff Dub (Rustie Rmx) -- 5 : 5 Years of Hyperdub (Hyperdub 2009)
UB40: Legalise It --Labour of Love III (Virgin 1998)
Trinity: Quarter Pound A Ishens -- Shanty Town Determination (Blood & Fire 2000)
Cotti: Tamil Dub -- Box Of Dub 2: Dubstep And Future Dub (Soul Jazz 2007)
The Mighty Diamonds: Pass The Kouchie -- Reggae Box (Hip-O 2001) 
Wayne Smith: Under Me Sleng Teng -- Tougher Than Tough: The Story of Jamaican Music (Island 1993)
Barrington Levy: Under Me Sensi -- 400% Dynamite (Soul Jazz 2009)
Audio Active feat. Bim Sherman: Free the Marijuana -- We Are Audio Active (Tokyo Space Cowboys) (On-U Sound 1994) 
Count Owen And His Calypsonians: The Weed -- Calypsos Down Jamaica Way (Dub Store 2005)
Audio Active: Kick The Bong Around -- Return Of The Red I (Warner 1999)
King Tubby & Scientist: Cannabis Dub -- King Tubby's Meets Scientist At The Dub Station (Burning Sounds 1996)
Bob Marley & The Wailers: Kaya -- Kaya (Island 1978)
Peter Tosh: Legalize It (Acoustic) -- Talking Revolution (Pressure Sounds 2005)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yin & Yang: Playlist for Apr. 13, 2012

Cedric Im Brooks & The Light Of Saba: Outcry -- Cedric Im Brooks & The Light Of Saba (Honest Jon's 2003)
Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart: Lam Tang Way -- Molam Dub (30 Hertz 2000)
Lam Tang Way Dub Molam Dub (30 Hertz 2000)
Blue Glaze Mento Band feat. Stranger Cole: Rough and Tough -- We Will Wait (Bilmon 2011)
Sly & Robbie: Ruff House -- Blackwood Dub (Groove Attack 2012)
Burial: Ashtray Wasp -- Kindred EP (Hyperdub 2011)
Alkaline: Maximum Version -- ExtraLongLife (Universal 2000)
Jah Wobble: Dragon and Phoenix -- Chinese Dub (30 Hertz 2009)
Jah Wobble: Dragon and Phoenix Dub 2:25 -- Chinese Dub (30 Hertz 2009) 
Jimmy Cliff: Ship Is Sailing -- Sacred Fire EP (Collective Sounds 2011)
International Observer: Popcorn (BDO Opium Den Remix) -- JStar & Dr. Cat Present Dub Zealand (Green Queen 2011)
New Age Steppers: My Nerves -- Love Forever (On-U Sound 2012)
Kiki Hitomi/Zomby: Old Man/Witch Hunt -- from Represent Internet World, a mixtape in progress via Fact magazine.
Owen Gray & The Caribs: Far Love 2:35 Easy Snapping: The Jamaican Chart Hits of 1960 (Sunrise 2011)
The Faithful Brothers: Iniquity Workers -- High Plains Drifter: Lee Perry & The Upsetters Jamaican 45s 1968-73 (Pressure Sounds 2012)
Dub Colossus feat Teremage Woretaw: Medina (Eccodek Veil Of Dub Remix) -- Dub Colossus Remixes For more information on this internet-only release, click here.
Black Uhuru: Boof 'n Baff 'n Biff -- The Dub Factor (Island 1983/2003)
Black Uhuru: Boof n Baff n Biff (Black Uhuru Meets Thievery Corporation) -- Abductions & Reconstructions (Eighteenth Street Lounge 1999)
Delroy Cat/Singers & Players: Boof Um Baff Um -- Golden Greats Vol. 2 (On-U Sound 1995)
Jah Wobble & the Nippon Dub Ensemble: Cherry Blossom Of My Youth -- Japanese Dub (30 Hertz 2010)
Hiroshi Fujiwara: Natural Born Dub -- Hiroshi Fujiwara In Dub Conference (Victor JP 1995)
Disrupt: Arcade Addict -- Music Addict EP (Jahtari 2011)
Little Axe: National Style -- If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog (On-U Sound 2011)
Jah Wobble: China -- Welcome to My World (30 Hertz 2010)
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene: Yin and Yang -- Strut EP (30 Hertz 2012)

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Send Us Another Moses: Playlist for Apr. 6, 2012

Tonight's show honours Passover & Good Friday, while incorporating another edition of Dub News, distilled from the April issue of  Wire magazine, especially Steve Barker's dub column therein.
Of Return of Django, Barker writes: "Initially a Trojan cash-in singles collection in 1969, perversely this now stands as one of the great Upsetter albums." While I understand Barker's attitude toward the ubiquitous Trojan, I have to say that Trojan's unrelenting 50 year quest to cash in on Jamaican music has resulted in hundreds of great albums, for which reggae fans everywhere are grateful.

The Congos: At The Feast -- Heart Of The Congos (Blood & Fire 1996)
Congo Ashanti Roy: Moses -- Singers & Players: Golden Greats Volume 1 (On-U Sound 1989)
Dubmatix: Black Nile Dub -- Champion Sound Clash (Soul Stepper/7Arts Entertainment 2004)
Five Alarm Funk: Brother Egypt -- Anything is Possible (Ind. 2010)


Dennis Brown:Bloody City/Dub (High Times 2012)
Dub Colossus: Satta Massagana -- Addis Through The Looking Glass (Real World 2011)
Dub Colossus: Satta Massagana (Yeka Dub) -- Dub Me Tender Vols. 1 & 2 (Real World 2012)
The Jamaicans: Chain Gang (Supreme 2012)
Robert Lee: Meltdown/Dub (Tuff Scout 2012)
The Uniques: Do Me Good -- Listen To The Music: Caltone's Jamaican 45s 1966-1969 (Pressure Sounds 2012)
The Upsetters: Return Of Django -- Return Of Django: The Best Of The Upsetters (Trojan 1969) (reissued on LP Sunspot 2012) 
Tappa Zukie: Falling Dub -- In Dub (Blood & Fire 1995)(reissued on CD Jamaican Recordings 2012)
Burial: Loner -- Kindred EP (Hyperdub 2012)
Chimp Beams feat. Rhasaan OyasabaThe Light -- Slowly (Crosstalk 2012)

Tack>>Head: Exodus (Dubvisionist 7" Dub Mix) (Echo Beach/Irie Ites 2011)
The Prophets And Trinity: King Pharoah's Plague (Discomix) -- Yabby You: Jesus Dread (Blood & Fire 1997) 
Sound Dimension: Holy Moses -- Jamaica Soul Shake, Vol. 1 (Soul Jazz 2006)
Bim Sherman: Across The Red Sea -- Reggae Archive (On-U Sound 1994)
Mighty Three VS Twilight Circus: Jericho Dub -- Foundation Rockers (M Records 2003)
Vivian Jackson & The Prophets: Walls of Jerusalem -- Yabby You: Jesus Dread (Blood & Fire 1997) 
King Tubby: Jerusalem Dub 3:40 Yabby You  -- Yabby You: Jesus Dread (Blood & Fire 1997) 

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fight In The Air: Playlist for March 30, 2012

Thanks to Des for two tracks, Pat for two tracks and Dr. Disc for two tracks!

Unknown Dubmaster: No, No, No (You Don't Love Me) (Dubby Style 2008) Thanks Des!
Peaking Lights: Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) (Adrian Sherwood Remix) from SoundCloud Thanks Pat!
Ken Boothe: Satta Massagana (Attack 2011)
George Faith & The Upsetters: Conscious Line -- Guide Line 12" (Black Ark/Pressure Sounds 2012)
Pale Rider feat. Saddest: Look Youth Man -- Want To Go To Zion (Cassava Outernational 2009)
The Black Seeds: Pippy Pip -- Dust & Dirt (Easy Star 2012)
The Travellers(?): Rocks & Mountains (Channel 1/Deeper Knowledge 2011)
Sly & Robbie: Dub Down Mountains (Channel 1/Deeper Knowledge 2011)
Delroy Wilson: Sun Is Shining (Striker Lee 1997)
Prince Jammy: Jammy's A Shine -- Prince Jammy Vs. Crucial Bunny: Fat Man Presents Dub Contest (Auralux 2006)
Dennis Brown: Open The Gate -- Niney The Observer: Deep Roots (VP/17 North Parade 2012)
Disrupt: Holy Mount Zion -- A Fistful Of Dub (Phonocake 2004) Free download from Jahtari!
Down By The River Side feat. Grant Phabao & The Jays: Zion Holy Place (Jazz Version) -- Hard 2 Find Vol. 2 (Colored Inc. 2010) Thanks Des!
Ammoye & Rise Ashen: Swing Me -- Haffi Win (Balanced Records 2010)
Root 70: Bosco's Disposable Driver -- Heaps Dub (Nonplace 2006)
Cedric "Im" Brooks  & The Light Of Saba: Rasta Lead On Version -- Cedric "Im" Brooks & The Light Of Saba (Honest Jon's 2003)
Mark Stewart: Children Of The Revolution (Future Noise Music 2011)
The Spooky But Nice: Fight In The Air -- The Spooky But Nice (Ind. 2012)
Peabody & Sherman: Ayayaya (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) -- All Your Bass Are Belong To Us (Super Bro 2011)
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene: Strut -- EP (30 Hertz 2012)
The Bug Vs. The Rootsman feat. Daddy Freddy: Run The Place Red (Raw Meat) -- The Bug Vs. The Rootsman feat. Daddy Freddy & DJ Rupture (Tigerbeat6 Records 2003) Thanks Pat at Dr. Disc!
Congo Natty: True Love: Rastafari He Liveth In Me -- Tribute To Haile Selassie I: King Of Kings (Congo Natty 2000) Thanks Liam at Dr. Disc!
Roots Manuva Vs. Wrongtom: Big Tings Redone -- Duppy Writer (Big Dada 2010)

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