Friday, September 24, 2010

Dub Next Door: Playlist for Sept. 24, 2010

Symarip's "Skinhead Moonstomp" is kind of a cover of Derrick Morgan's "Moon Hop." Roy Ellis a.k.a. Mr. Symarip will be performing at RiotFest in Chicago on October 10th. RiotFest is a 4-day music festival whose blog is here.

The ska blog Marco on the Bass unravels the tangled tale of Symarip. Marco plays bass for ska revivalists Bigger Thomas and tells a good story. He seems to personally know everybody from all the many generations of ska.

Digitaldubs feat. Tippa Irie: Strictly Heavy Dub from Myspace
Sir Coxsone Sound: Travelling Israel Dub - Evolution Of Dub Vol. 5: The Missing Link (Greensleeves 2010)
Scuba: Eclipse (Ramadanman Remix) - Eclipse/Tense 12" (ABUCS 2010)
Joe Higgs: I Am The Song My Enemies Sing - Studio One Ska (Soul Jazz 2008)
Edric Connor: Rookoombine - Songs From Jamaica (Saland 2008)
Jolly Boys: Requimbine - Sunshine 'n' Water (Rykodisc 1991)
Bobby Aitken: Rukumbine - Treasure Isle Records: The Ultimate Collection (Attack 2008)
UB40: A Dub I Can Feel - Dub Sessions II: Labour Of Dub (Ind. 2010) Download available from
Gaudi feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Bethe Bethe Kese Kese - Dub Qawwali (Six Degrees 2007)
Pitch Black: Urbanoia - On A Dubmission (Dubmission 2010) Listen to and download this record at Bandcamp.
Dreadzone: My Face - Eye On The Horizon (Dubwiser 2010)
Dubmatix feat. Jay Douglas: Celebrate My Love - System Shakedown (7Arts 2010)
Cougars: Right On - Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 (Light In The Attic 2006)
Skream: Listenin' To The Records On My Wall - Outside The Box (Tempa 2010)
Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom: Duppy Writer - Duppy Writer (Big Dada 2010)
Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom: Worl' A Mine - Duppy Writer (Big Dada 2010)
Symarip: Skinhead Moonstomp - The Dawning Of A New Era (Mojo 2008)
Lord Mouse & the Kalypso Kats: Kalypso Kats Calypso - Lord Mouse & The Kalypso Kats (Jump Up 2010)
Alkaline: Alka Lights - ExtraLongLife (Universal 2000)
Elton John: Jamaica Jerk Off - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (MCA 1973)

Dave Barker: I Got To Get Away - Trojan DJ Box Set (Trojan 1998)
George Nooks: Man Next Door - Diamond Series: Blue (Tad's 2008)
U Roy: Peace & Love In The Ghetto - Jah Son Of Africa (Virgin 1978/2000)
Dr. Alimantado: I Shall Fear No Evil - Best Dressed Chicken In Town (Greensleeves 2001)
Dennis Brown: Man Next Door - Promised Land 1977-79 (Blood & Fire 2002)
Slits: Man Next Door - Y3LP: The Official Bootleg (Victor JP 2009)
Slits: Man Next Door (Version) - Man Next Door 7" (Y Records 1980)
UB40: Dub Next Door - Dub Sessions II: Labour Of Dub (Ind. 2008) Download available from

This is the first record
produced by Adrian Sherwood
that I ever bought. 1980.

It's still massive. More massive than ...

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Love I Can Feel: Playlist for Sept. 17, 2010

Scientist and Roots Radics will be performing a live rendition of Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires at Dubquake 2010 in Los Angeles on October 17. For more information, check out Dubquake's website.

Sammy Levi: Five Pound Box Of Dubs - Five Pound Box Of
Dubs 7" (Gold Shop 2010)
Alkaline: 'Nuff Sugar - ExtraLongLife (Universal 2000)
Jo Jo & The Fugitives: Chips Chicken Banana Split - Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 (Light In The Attic 2006)
Sattalites: Canada Calling from MySpace
Heptones: Crying Over You - Produced & Directed By The Upsetter (Pressure Sounds 1998)
Upsetters: Crying (Dub) - Produced & Directed By The Upsetter (Pressure Sounds 1998)
Hey O Hansen: Gone Away - Sonn Und Mond: Rare & Unreleased Austrodub Tracks 1995-2009 (Pingipung 2009)
Mute Beat: Old Air - Lover's Rock (Overheat 1988)
Temptations: I Want A Love I Can See - My Girl: The Very Best Of The Temptations (Motown 2002)
John Holt: A Love I Can Feel - The Tide Is High Anthology 1962-1979 (Trojan 2001)
King Tubby's: Dub You Can Feel: The Roots Of Dub And Dub From The Roots (Moll-Selekta 2003)
Dub Syndicate: Love I Can Feel - Lows & Highs (On-U Sound 1982)
UB40: A Love I Can Feel - Labour Of Love IV (EMI 2010)
Salmonella Dub: Love Your Ways - Inside The Dub Plates (Virgin 2001)
Fat Freddys Drop: Blackbird (Live On KCRW San Francisco's Morning Becomes Electric) - Watch &/or listen Online
Singers & Players feat. Prince Far I: Autobiography - Staggering Heights (On-U Sound 1983)
Jah Wobble: Samsara - Mu (Trojan 2005)
G Corp Meets The Mighty Tree feat. Messenger Douglas: Runnings - Dub Plates From The Elephant House Vol. 3 (Endulge 2007)
G Corp Meets The Mighty Tree: Runnings Dub - Dub Plates From The Elephant House Vol. 3 (Endulge 2007)
Thievery Corporation: A Guide For I & I - Shadows Of Ourselves (4AD 2000)
Scientist: Dance Of The Vampires -Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires (Greensleeves 1981)
Roots Manuva vs. Wrongtom: Butterfly Crab Walk - Duppy Writer (Big DaDa 2010) - This track is available as a free download from the NME.
Rootsman: We Come Rough - Realms Of The Unseen (Third Eye Music 1999)
UB40: Rat In Mi Kitchen - Rat In The Kitchen (Dep Intl. 1986)

Both these covers were designed by Tony McDermott, whose work is celebrated in the new book Greensleeves: The First 100 Covers (Stussy 2010)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Man Next Door: Playlist for Sept. 10, 2010

Check this guy out! I don't know that he's "the voice of Dennis Brown," but he sure can kick out a massive acapella of Man Next Door while hangin' out in his kitchen. All that's missing are the pots & pans banging against the wall.

UB40: I Think It's Going To Rain - Signing Off (Graduate 1980)
Keith Leblanc: Point Blanc - Time Traveller (Blanc 1992)
Keith Leblanc: Point Blanc - Audium Capsule 1 (Blanc 1996)
Colourbox feat. Lorita Grahame: Baby I Love You So - Baby I Love You So 12" (4AD 1986)
Dubmatix feat. Gregory Isaacs: System Breakdown - System Shakedown (7 Arts Entertainment 2010)
Skream: Wibbler - Outside The Box (Tempa 2010)
Ijahman Levi: I Am A Levi - Basic Replay (Basic Replay 2007)
Alkaline: Deliverance - ExtraLongLife (Universal 2000)
Garnet Mimms: A Quiet Place - Cry Baby: The Best Of Garnet Mimms (Capitol 1993)
John Holt: Got To Get Away - The Tide Is High Anthology 1962 to 1979 (Trojan 2001)
Dr. Alimantado: Poison Flour - Best Dressed Chicken In Town (Greensleeves 2001)
Horace Andy: Quiet Place - The Rastafarian Legend (Delta 2008)
King Tubby's: A Noisy Place (a.k.a. A Quiet Place): King Tubby's In Fine Style (Trojan 2004)
I-Roy: Noisy Place - Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff (1972-75) (Blood & Fire 1997)
Dennis Brown: Man Next Door - A Little Bit More: Joe Gibbs 12" Selection 1978-83 (VP Records 2008)
The Slits: Man Next Door - Man Next Door 12" (Collision 2005)
Bim Sherman w/ the Strange Parcels: Man Next Door - The Need To Live (Century 2002)
U Roy: Peace & Love In The Ghetto - Jah Son Of Africa (Virgin 1978)
Massive Attack feat. Horace Andy: Man Next Door - Mezzanine (Virgin 1998)
UB40: Man Next Door - Labour Of Love IV (EMI 2010)
Deadbeat feat. Paul St. Hilaire : Babylon Connection - Roots & Wire (Wagon Repair 2008)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Dublerone - Return Of The Supercops (Echo Beach 2007)
Djins: 30's av. Apocalypse - Djins (Hammerbass 2000)
Mafia & Fluxy: Bad Dub - Dub Anthems (Black Arrow 2010)
Geyser: Man Next Door - Digger 2006 (Geyser 2006)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

She Caught the Train: Playlist for Sept. 3, 2010

We didn't have time to play the Ray Martell original version of "She Caught The Train." Even though I think UB40's is better, here's Ray's for comparison's sake:

This video was posted to YouTube by Oldwah. He seems to have an inexhaustible collection of Jamaican 45s, concentrating on rocksteady, early reggae and roots. If you like early reggae, you should do yourself a favour and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Lee Perry & The Upsetters: Big Neck Cut - Sound System Scratch (Pressure Sounds 2010)
African Head Charge vs. Professor Stretch: Drums Of Defiance - Drums Of Defiance (On-U Sound 1998)
UB40: One In Ten - Present Arms (DEP Intl. 1981)
Dry & Heavy Meets Shing02: My Nation - My Nation 12" (Beat 2001) Thanks to B Sound Reggae!
Vibronics: Vintage Dub - Dub Italizer (Universal Egg 2000)
The Upsetters: I Caught You - Dry Acid (Trojan 1998)
Cooly G: Phat Si - Up In My Head/Phat Si 12" (Hyperdub 2010)
Dubblestandart: Tiny Place Called Earth - Immigration Dub (Collision 2007)
Jah Shaka: Tribal Beats - Africa Drum Beats: Commandments Of Dub Chapter 10 (Ind. 1991)
Doof: Skunked On Planet Dub - On A Dubmission (Dubmission 2010)
Alkaline: Rambo - ExtraLongLife (Universal 2000)
Johnny Osbourne: African Wake - Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 (Light In The Attic 2006)
Black Seeds: The Prince (Live) - Live Vol. 1 (Ind. 2010)
I & I Djangdan: Irierang - from MySpace
Ruts DC vs. Mad Professor: Pleasures Of The Dance - Rhythm Collision Vol. 1 & Remix Versions (Select Cuts 2002)
Henry & Louis feat. Prince Green: Love Like - Increments (2 Kings 2008)
Henry & Louis: Love Dub - Increments (2 Kings 2008)
Bim Sherman: Missing You - Crucial Cuts Vol. II (Century 1990)
Bim Sherman: Missing You - Miracle (Mantra/On U Sound 1996)
Bim Sherman: Missing You (Tim Simenon Remix) - It Must Be A Dream (Mantra/On U Sound 1997)
Deadbeat: N'Importe Quoi - New World Observer (~scape 2005)
UB40: She Caught The Train - Labour Of Love (A&M 1983)