Saturday, November 12, 2011

"This is the story of the drum" -- Playlist for Nov. 11, 2011

The Mighty Two: War -- No Bones For The Dogs: Dubs From The Mighty Two 1974-79 (Pressure Sounds 2002)
Tack>>Head: Exodus (Dubvisionist Dub Mix) (Echo Beach/Irie Ites 2011)
King Tubby: 100% of Dub -- 100% of Dub (Select Cuts 2005)
Lyn Taitt & Baba Brooks Band: Dog War Jump Up -- Independence Jump Up Calypso (Charly 2006)
Dub Trinity: Alexandria (Dubmatix Remix) -- Alexandria (And Other Cautionary Tales) (Ind. 2011)
Big Sugar: Little Bit A All Right -- Revolution Per Minute (Bread & Water 2011)

Jackie Mittoo: Drum Song -- The Keyboard King At Studio One (Universal Sound 2000)
Devon Russell: Drum Song -- Studio One Roots (Soul Jazz 2001)
Wayne Jarrett: Holy Mount Zion -- Wackies Sampler Vol. 2 (Wackies 2005)
Krystoff: Holy Mount -- Drum Song Source Codes EP (Jahtari 2005) Free downloads here, and see below for more information on this project.
Willie Lindo & The Charmers Band: Drum Song -- Trojan 35th Anniversary Box (Trojan 2003)
Prince Jammy & Jackie Mittoo: Drum Song Dub -- Trojan Foundation Dub (Trojan 2002)
Augustus Pablo: Ammagideon Dub -- Message Music: Augustus Pablo's Digital Productions 1986-1994 (Pressure Sounds 2011)
Disrupt: Jah Red Gold And Green -- Drum Song Source Codes EP (Jahtari 2005) Free downloads here, and see below for more information on this project.
Jackie Mittoo: Drum Song -- Let's Put It All Together (United Artists 1975)

Ghetto Priest: Ghetto Life -- The Lion Of Judah Hath Prevailed (2011)
Little Axe: Early In The Morning -- If You Want Loyalty, Buy A Dog (On-U Sound 2011)
New Age Steppers: Conquer -- Rare & Unreleased: 17 Exclusive Tracks (On-U Sound Download 2009)
African Head Charge: Good Things -- Off The Beaten Track (On-U Sound 2011)
Creation Rebel feat. Jah Woosh: Give Me Power -- Starship Africa (On-U Sound 2011)
Creation Rebel: Original Power -- Starship Africa (On-U Sound 2011)
Lee "Scratch" Perry: Like The Way You Should (Digital Mystikz Remix) -- Nu Sound & Version (On-U Sound 2011)
Deadbeat: First Quarter (Scuba Remix) (BLKRTZ 2011)
Bally Sagoo feat. Asha Boslie: Chura Liya -- Bollywood Flashback (Columbia 1994)
The Mighty Two: War Is Over -- No Bones For The Dogs: Dubs From The Mighty Two 1974-79 (Pressure Sounds 2002)

To listen to this show, click here. Or right-click to download (ctrl+click if you're a Mac). For a limited time only!

From, more info on DRUM SONG SOURCE CODES EP:

Our second Jahtari-EP comes as an experimental kind of ‘One-Riddim-Sampler’.
Riddims present the core of the musical sytem of Reggae and are in most cases
not much more than a particular bassline-loop that forms the basis for 
countless versions. See it as something like an Open Source Code for music - 
while in many cases the true origin of a riddim is lost in history the 
versions, mutations and transformations of it highly contributed to the 
continual evolution of Reggae. The goal is always to add something new to the
riddim. That started off with ‘Dub versions’ (no voice, structuring by sound 
and effects) or ‘DJ versions’ (somebody toasting over a riddim) decades ago.
The idea of our EP was then to extend this spirit way over the closed system
of Reggae and Dub. I chose the ‘DRUM SONG’-riddim, an old piece by the STUDIO 
ONE backing band ‘Sound Dimension’ and one of the most versioned riddims 
ever, sent the MIDI-data of it to several musician friends from VERY 
different fields and asked them for a version. Since everybody started out 
with exactly the same fistful of MIDI-notes it’s highly interesting to hear 
to what spheres the riddim finally took off. From Digital Roots Reggae 
(disrupt, krystoff) over the variations of Electronica (lingam cutter, 
noisebeyondsilence, parmon) up to the bitcrushed 8bit-aesthetic of 
ovr thrustr the principle is truly transcending. So be prepared for 
something entirely different!
Also for download HERE is, of course, the Source Code of the riddim. Exactly
the same thing every artist got as a start for their track. Feel free to 
experiment around with that! If you’re interested in working with us on a 
riddim for a Jahtari release - or you’d like us to work on one of your 
riddims - please write! There’s a huge difference between riddim-versioning 
and remixing, so keep that in mind. But suggestions, ideas and any kind of 
feedback are always highly welcome!
For more infos on the riddim sytsem in general check our THEORY and REGGAE 
HISTORY sections or the highly recommended articles on that topic on 

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