Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buh-bye: Fear of Music

My friend Pat Petro, who was music director at CJAM in the mid-80s,  was talking to me the other day about the attitude of the first generation of FM broadcasters at the station (I'm paraphrasing slightly):
"We might have come off as cocky and confrontational, but really we just had confidence that we were providing a service to the community that was absolutely unique on the radio dial."

At the volunteer meeting yesterday to discuss the allegedly temporary allegedly total ban on alleged profanity, I heard from staff, board and volunteers (and I'm paraphrasing wildly, combining scraps of different people's conversation): "We've got to play it safe, keep it squeaky clean, we don't want to offend anybody, we don't own the airwaves - the government owns the airwaves, being on the radio is not a right."

I'm sorry for troubling today's CJAM family by disagreeing with CJAM management and the board that is supposed to oversee it. I like many of the DJs personally.

But if CJAM doesn't rule the airwaves, I'm not interested.

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