Friday, May 20, 2011

"You Should Have Some Prince Jammy"

Pale Rider's Concentric Dub LP on Cassava Outernational Records (2011)

Dawn Penn: You Don't Love Me (No No No) -- Steely & Clevie: Digital Revolution (VP Records 2011)
Ranking Joe: World In Trouble -- World In Trouble (M Records 2005)
Ranking Joe: World In Dub -- World In Dub (M Records 2006)

Disrupt: Events Occur In Real Time (Police In Helicopters 2011)
African Head Charge: The Best Way -- Voodoo Of The Godsent (On-U Sound 2011)
Black Dub: Last Time -- Black Dub (Sony 2010)

General Plough: One More River + Dub Version (Black Originator/Rock A Shacka 2011)
Kiddus I: Crying Wolf -- Graduation In Zion (Dub Store 2007)

Long Shen Dao: Wrap You Up -- Tai Chi Reggae (Dragon Road 2011)
Naggo Morris: False Rasta (Springhill S&G 2011)
Prince Jammy: Chatty Mouth Dub -- The Evolution Of Dub Vol. 6: Was Prince Jammy An Astronaut? (Greensleeves 2011)
Pale Rider: Concentric Dub -- Concentric Dub (Cassava Outernational Records 2011)

Reggie Stepper: Drum Pan Sound -- Steely & Clevie: Digital Revolution (VP Records 2011)
RSD feat. Wilks: Fire Wall -- Good Energy (Punch Drunk 2009)
Talisman: Dole Age -- Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-83 (Bristol Archive 2011)
Actress: Gershwin (Nonplus 2011)
Peverelist: Dance Til The Police Come (Hessle Audio 2011)

4th Street Orchestra: Hawaii 5-0 (Rama 1997/2011)
4th Street Orchestra: Dubber (Rama 1997/2011)
Kiddus I: Crying Wolf (Nyabinghi Take) -- Graduation In Zion (Dub Store 2007)

And now...
Prince Jammy (later King Jammy) using the mixing board as a musical instrument:

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