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Double Dub News: Playlist for Aug. 5, 2011

OK, here's the deal: Creation Rebel's Starship Africa was recorded in 1978, mixed and released initially in 1980 on 4D Rhythms/Hit Run. It was reissued on On-U Sound Records in 1982. On vinyl, there are only two "song titles" involved. Side A is "Starship Africa (Soundtrack from forthcoming motion picture)"; side B is "Space Movement." Side A has 5 tracks; side B has 4 tracks, so I guess you'd think of the first track on side B as "Space Movement 1", wouldn't you?

This music was first released on CD as part of Historic Moments Volume 2, which looks like this in North America:
But on this CD, the tracks are listed as "Space Movement 1" through "Space Movement 9"; thus, "Starship Africa 1" became "Space Movement 1" and "Space Movement 1" became "Space Movement 6." When the album Starship Africa was re-issued in 2000 as part of the Master Recordings series, the original titles were re-introduced. But then, lest you think confusion could or should cease, the 2003 Japan-only reissue of "Starship Africa" in 2003 reverted again to the "Space Movement 1 through 9" nonsense.
And now that the album has been reissued yet again in 2011 to celebrate On-U Sound's 30th anniversary, we're back to the correct titling/numbering system. This is the long way of saying that the track we played tonight, "Space Movement 2" is also known as "Space Movement 7" depending on what CD you're playing and, of course, what continent you're on. Whatever, it's a great track, and so is the whole album. Buy it, and play it all the way through (just like we used to in the olden days!) and I betcha you won't even care what titles or numbers go with which tracks. It is still the best of all Creation Rebel albums, and one of the best records On-U Sound ever released.
P.S.: If my explanation has been too confusing, please see the discussion on the Creation Rebel discography page of the website "On-U Sound in the Area" (a.k.a Skysaw), the source of all accurate On-U Sound discographical information.

Tonight we feature music reviewed by Steve Barker in the last two issues of Wire Magazine (July and August 2011). In some cases, we were unable to play anything from the new releases, so we played something older that is, we hope, related to the new albums under discussion:

Hollie Cook feat. Horseman: Cry (Disco Mix) -- Hollie Cook (Mr. Bongo 2011)
Creation Rebel: Space Movement Section 2 -- Starship Africa (On-U Sound 2011)
I Roy: Black Man Time -- Gussie Presenting I Roy (Sunspot 2011)
Jackie Edwards: This Is Another Festival -- Real Authentic Reggae Vol. 2 (BBE Records 2009)
Anthony Madden: Mad Experience (Sunflower 2011)
Jeb Loy Nichols: To Be Rich -- Longtime Traveller (Beat/On-U Sound JP 2011)
Nitty Gritty: General Penitentiary -- General Penitentiary (Black Victory 2011)
Impact All Stars: Java (Part 1) -- Java Java Java Java (Impact 1970s)
Frankie Paul: Worries In The Dance -- Most Wanted (Greensleeves 2011)
The Sharks & The Federal Studio Orchestra: You Made Me Warm (Kentone/Dub Store 2011)
Travellers: Keep On Trying -- Black Black Minds (Pressure Sounds 2005)
Dubmatix feat. Sugar Minott: In The Ghetto -- Renegade Rockers (7Arts Entertainment 2008)
Dr. Alimantado: Best Dressed Chicken -- Best Dressed Chicken (Keyman 2011)
Deadbeat: Plateau Quarter -- Drawn & Quartered (BLKRTZ 2011)
Keith Hudson: Man From Shooter's Hill -- Entering The Dragon (Sunspot 2011)
Chuck Turner: We Rule -- King Jammy's The Rhythm King (Pressure Sounds 2003)
Pampidoo: Synthesizer Voice (Goth-Trad Remix) (Greensleeves 2011)
Pupajim: Double Lock (Maffi 2011)
Disrupt: Double Lock Riddim (Maffi 2011)
Suns Of Arqa: On Hearing A Name Long Unspoken -- Stranger Music (Arka Sound 2011)

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